November is National Family Literacy Month

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November is National Family Literacy Month. According to the National Center for Families Learning – the creators of National Family Literacy Month – “Family literacy is at work when two generations or more — parents, children, and/or extended family members – are actively engaged in learning together”. Now imagine a home where literacy practices aren’t possible.

Family literacy often begins with parents or grandparents reading to children and fostering that ability in the rising generation. The skills of reading, writing, and language comprehension have a profound impact on the success of a family until in terms of employment, health, and educational opportunities. Lack of literacy skills not only influence the success of individuals and their immediate families; they impact the community of these families as well. Our communities.

Raising awareness of the pervasive nature of low literacy is essential to eradicating this needless epidemic. Please consider adding your efforts to the cause by visiting us at our West Commerce Street office and discover how you can make a difference in someone’s life.

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