The Big Move: An Update

Good afternoon Literacy Council Volunteers, Supporters, and Friends: Last week we moved the Franklin County Literacy Council office to Coyle Library and we are still in the process of unpacking and getting organized. We can receive incoming calls (messages) but we won’t be able to call out until next Monday. FCLC will be closed this week Read more about The Big Move: An Update[…]

From the Coordinator’s Desk

Hello FCLC friends, volunteers, and supporters: In a collaborative effort to educate the community about how literacy issues impact the community, the film Rethinking Dyslexia will be featured as part of Community Film night this Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Capitol Theatre.  The film is sponsored by Wilson College and Sunny Hill Properties and is being supported by the Chambersburg Council Read more about From the Coordinator’s Desk[…]

We’re Moving!

We are excited to announce that the Franklin County Literacy Council will be moving to our new location. Beginning November 2017, we’ll be at our new home located in the lower level of the newly renovated Coyle Free Library at 102 Main Street in Chambersburg. In photo: Staff, volunteers, and members of the FCLC Advisory Board get a tour of our new Read more about We’re Moving![…]

September Scavenger Hunt

The second annual Path to Literacy Event was held at the Scotland Campus on September 23, 2017.  This year’s theme was Scavenger Hunt! and was held in conjunction with Coyle Free Library’s Storytelling Event. Visitors enjoyed a fantastic BBQ lunch provided by Holy Smokes BBQ, a fun afternoon including our scavenger hunt, and musical entertainment provided Read more about September Scavenger Hunt[…]

Silent Auction to Support Literacy

January and cold weather are finally settling into the Franklin County valleys, and you all know what that means…Ice Fest! Yes, Chambersburg’s 15th Annual Ice Fest is on its way, and it brings with it an atmosphere of fun and community support that’s infectious. It also brings with it a need to find a few Read more about Silent Auction to Support Literacy[…]

4 Ways NaNoWriMo Can Enhance Learning in Adult Education Classes

Hurray! November is finally here! While this month traditionally kicks off the holiday season with the much anticipated Thanksgiving feast, November is also known as National Novel Writing Month-or NaNoWriMo for short. NaNoWriMo brings together thousands of aspiring writers who commit to writing 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days. The event is sponsored Read more about 4 Ways NaNoWriMo Can Enhance Learning in Adult Education Classes[…]

November is National Family Literacy Month

November is National Family Literacy Month. According to the National Center for Families Learning – the creators of National Family Literacy Month – “Family literacy is at work when two generations or more — parents, children, and/or extended family members – are actively engaged in learning together”. Now imagine a home where literacy practices aren’t Read more about November is National Family Literacy Month[…]

It’s National Punctuation Day!

Happy National Punctuation Day! In the age of the data usage and text-a-mania, punctuation seems to be losing its prestige. Quick, go to your Facebook page and count how many status updates are devoid of proper punctuation as you scroll through your feed. See? (Exclamation) Point made. Did you know that punctuation usage is one Read more about It’s National Punctuation Day![…]