A New Year, a New Home, and New Horizons!

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Welcome to the new year, everyone! Like many of you, the FCLC experienced several changes over the past several months, and we have high hopes for 2018!

The most significant change came just before the new year. On Dec 2, 2017, we celebrated the Grand Opening of the newly renovated Coyle Free Library, the home of our new offices! The new FCLC Suite is located in the Lower Level of the Library; however, students and tutors will also have access to all of the library’s wonderful new facilities, including the Butcher Shoppe’s micro-market and the rooftop garden seating. This move allows us to be more available and accessible to our students and tutors as well as to the community in downtown Chambersburg.

Yet another change occurred toward the end of 2017, as the FCLC saw the departure of two key members of our staff: ESL Program Assistant Sue Michalsky and Program Coordinator Frank Thomas. Both Sue and Frank worked tirelessly toward progressing and promoting our mission to lift others through literacy, and both were instrumental in reaching out to educate, empower, and improve our community through individual and collaborative efforts during their time at the Literacy Council. They will be sorely missed by all who worked with them both in our offices and in the community and we wish them both luck as they move on to their new life chapters.

As the FCLC adjusts to new surroundings, the arrival of Angela Wilt -the new Program Coordinator- is also just on the horizon. Stay tuned for more information about her and her history and future with the Franklin County Literacy Council. Here’s to a wonderful and prosperous 2018 for the FCLC and all of our partners, contributors, tutors, students, and staff!


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